Cloud Clients

Your customers depend on you to keep their data safe. You cannot do this alone or without the proper tools. Your cloud provider is your partner. Please ask them to join NoVAD and to implement our sensible cyber safeguards.

Do This First

Even without VSCRAM, VLockdown, and VDelete, you can help safeguard your customers’ data with the following standard security measures.

Secure Email Address
Get a random email address from a 3rd party email provider for your cloud account login. Keep this address secret, never fowarding emails from this account and giving out on a need to know basis only
Multi-Factor Authentication
Use multi-factor authentication to login to your cloud provider. If your cloud provider doesn’t allow this, ask them.
Random Secret Questions
Generate long random sentences (gibberish) as answers to the secret questions on your cloud account.
Offline And Offsite Backups
Perform regular offsite backups and keep offline copies. Verify you can restore your site completely from the offline copies.

Secure Your Cloud Employ standard system security practices. Every machine should be secured as if it were vulnerable to a front-line attack.

Join Us

Please join our group on LinkedIn to help us encourage cloud service providers to have sensible cyber safeguards to help prevent virtual destruction of your business. You can also questions on our LinkedIn Group about cloud security or how to effect change at your cloud provider.