Cloud Providers

Your clients are your livelihood. Your reputation depends on their ability to protect their customers’ data. When you implement VSCRAM, VLockdown, and VDelete, you are stopping terrorists and criminals from destroying your business.

Implement Our Recommendations

Even the smallest step will be helpful. For example, you could implement Vdelete for backups. This would help in the worst case scenarios. Even one day’s delay would allow a customer to contact you to recover from an extortionist

You already manage migrations for hardware failures. VSCRAM can be implemented like a managed migration of a customer’s virtual machines.

Your network operations center already asks customers to answer security questions to identify themselves. VSCRAM and VLockdown codes are just a special form of security question, which trigger an operation. Putting any time of “escalated event” secret code into your system would be a step in the right direction.

Be A Leader

Please join our group on LinkedIn, and connect with other cloud providers and clients. By working together, we can come up with standards and open source implementations for these sensible cyber safeguards.